'Going Places' 180 Gram Vinyl

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'Going Places' 180 Gram Vinyl

"Going Places" limited edition 180 gram vinyl, available in either blue or orange. Includes digital download code.

Going Places, serves up smoggy, nostalgia-tinged euphoria awash with vintage sparkle. Longtime collaborator Brennan Willis (Ohio Recording Company) co-produced and mixed the record, while mastering legend Dave Cooley (Washed Out, M83, Blood Orange) gave it a sonic polish.

With the new-age aesthetic of Eno and Gondry-esque surrealism, the album marks a fresh sonic evolution, uniting eclectic influences from electro funk and cosmic jazz to ambient electronica, neo-soul and r&b. A supernova of samples, field recordings, lush percussion and catchy pentatonic tropes shimmer on the surface, with murkier depths and humor underneath.

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